Ho..ho.. its Christmas and I am updating our previous event called A Beautiful Day with GLAM, a collaboration between GLAM and Hai-O Marketing & Rizman Ruzaini. The day is about health & beauty tips, sharing, testimonies, catwalks & a fashion show by Top Malaysian Fashion Designer Rizman Ruzaini

Alhamdulillah, the event went very well bertempat di Vivatel Hotel, Jalan Pudu.  

A big thank you too to our company, Hai-O Marketing for this opportunity. Not only that, the first ever collaboration with the famous Rizman Ruzaini. Both of them sangat mudah bekerja sama. 

For this this event, business partners ramai yang datang dari utara, Johor, Kelantan & of course from Klang Valley. New experience, knowledge & opportunity. 

Insha-Allah we will have another one soon!

Enjoy the picca!!

 Both Rizman & Ruzaini with GLAM's founder CDM Hanis Haizi 

  With some of my partners

With our Team Leader +Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind 

That's all for now. If you interested to be part of GLAM, the most leading team for Premium Beautiful in Malaysia & international market, just contact me for more info. We are pioneer in online marketing & you will be guided step by step in this business. 

See ya!

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