Dynamic Entrepreneur Programme (DEP)

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Last sunday, we in GLAM had a chance to attend one seminar called Dynamic Entrepreneur Programme (DEP) organised by GLAM and Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd.  I was a very good seminar.  I can assure you that the seminar can change your perception towards MLM or Multilevel Marketing. 

The speakers for the seminar is Mr Winston Wong, he is a founder and managing director of MLM Academy.  He also is a writer of 'The Misunderstood Industry'.  Before you decide anything about MLM industries, you should read this book then only you tell me whats your opinion about this industries. 

In his book says "the benefits anyone received from the business is not just about residual income that's much talked about and/or money alone, but many aspects of personal development in areas such as communication, leadership, managing change, teamwork, inter-personal skills, a positive mindset and most importantly, learning to be grateful to everyone and everything that have contributed to our success, including GOD, for His Blessings".

7th Jul 2013
Waiting for him to get his signature
Together with business partner and my leader Nurul Ain Zulkarnaind
Together with business partner from all over Malaysia


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