It has been a long time since my last update.  Rasa gigil pulak.  How's uolls?  Hope everyone ok. 
Ewah, macam tulis surat pulak. 

I am happy announced that I am pregnant.  YES.  Although this is my second pregnancy for my 3rd child. 

Kalau pregnant, mesti hidung kembang.  Dah la memang sedia ada hidung macam tu..huhu

Reason being why I am so 'senyap' into this business, this is a REASON.  Tapikan anak tidak boleh sama sekali di jadikan alasan untuk kita tidak berjaya dalam business:-))  They are our inspiration, rite?.  They are the reason why we need to do business more seriously.  Everything we did currently is purely for their tomorrow!!!

Next entry, I will STORY MORY to ualls why I am still in this business.  Huhu.  Stay tuned. 
Till then, SEE YA...



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