Bombay Palace

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It has been too long since my last entry. The event was happened during last Ramadhan.  We had an iftar at Bombay Palace.  Yes!! both me and my hubby loved Indian Food.  It was after we had tried the best Beriyani in Hydrabad, India and the taste is really awesome!!!.

As we really missed the beriyani, and we decided to try local made beriyani in Bombay Palace.  

And never forget, Bombay Palace actually was visited by Bill Clinton during his visit to Malaysia.  Wow, Bill Clinton had a dinner here.  Gila cool!!!

Anyway, I can give 5* rating to this restaurant.  Superb!!



Huh..tak sempat nak toleh kiri kanan, yang penting makan

Adib buat performance kat stage...siap guling-guling (amek feel menari lagu hindustan)

Model ice-cream

Lagi makan...

Beriyani, fuhh sedap sey..

Ok, sesiapa nak try beriyani kat sana boleh lah click kat link di atas.  Seyes, memang sedap.  Tapi harga, don't ask me.  Lucky, I was introduced by this beautiful business.  Ada dapat rezeki lebih sikit, bolehlah belanja my mum & my sister pi makan situ.  Hehe..over hokay...hoho.

Jumpa lagi.

Marjiana Sani

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